How does someone gain admission to the CHOC?

By calling (610)292-9244 and checking bed availability. Since the CHOC has a 50 bed shelter and beds are often full, a person may have to go on a waiting list until a bed becomes available

What are the requirements for admission?

A person must be a Montgomery County resident prior to their becoming homeless, provide proof of homelessness such as an eviction letter or letter from a case worker, have identification, and provide proof of income (staff will help individuals obtain these documents).

How long can someone stay at the CHOC?

Though length of stay varies from person to person depending on their individual circumstance the ideal would be 3-6 months. The CHOC is a temporary shelter and not permanent housing. Some individuals stay anywhere from a few days to a few weeks while others stay well past 6 months. Limited affordable housing in the Montgomery County area combined with a fixed income makes it difficult for some folks to find affordable housing.

What is required once admitted?

In addition to the requirements for admission, it is expected that individuals will connect with various community services that will assist with dealing with their particular need. For some, this will mean seeking drug and/or alcohol treatment. For others, it will mean seeking job training or mental health services. Yet for some others, it will mean getting medical attention and applying for disability benefits. The CHOC recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” solution for effectively addressing homeless issues and works in partnership with many community service providers to individualize assistance and goal planning. The goal is to meet individuals “where they are”.

What can an individual expect from the staff?

First and foremost, to be treated with dignity and respect. Also, an individual can expect staff to assist with locating and accessing the resources that will best address their particular concerns and need.

How can I help?

You can help by offering your time and/or money. We always have need for basic items such as new socks and underwear as well as SEPTA tokens so our clients can get to jobs or other appointments. We also have consistent building needs for such things as storage space and bins, shelving, painting, roof repair, etc. Please call first. Due to limited storage space we cannot store an overabundance of items.

In addition you can help by educating yourself on issues concerning poverty and homelessness and advocating for more affordable housing and better health care accessibility.

If you run a business, you could consider partnering with us to provide jobs and job training for some of our clients. You could also consider helping us to better utilize our space so that we can constantly improve the environment that our folks utilize while trying to better their situations.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, you can volunteer in many different ways. Please call the CHOC at (610) 292-9244 to find out what is needed or to discuss what you would like to do.

We welcome community involvement in our efforts to end homelessness.

What should I do if I see someone homeless on the street or know of someone facing homelessness in my community?

Please call the CHOC, we can send a team to the streets to visit someone. We can also refer you to the appropriate resource for the situation.

Where can I refer a homeless family?

Homeless families can be assisted by calling the Salvation Army in Norristown. (Tel: 610-275-4183) or visiting their website at www.salvationarmyusa.org